Ontario’s Lake Erie shoreline offers a diverse range of activities, each with its own perfect pairings to enhance the experience.

Plan your trip to Put-in-Bay, Middle Bass Island and Kelleys Island with our guide to the perfect blend of history, natural wonders, relaxation and culinary delights.

There are plenty of great places to stay around Lake Erie, but true luxury is harder to find. That's why Hideaway Bay Resort, which opens this month in Silver Creek, New York, is such big news.

Nestle into some cozy mobile living quarters with your favorite comforts from home and discover RV-friendly places to stay along Lake Erie.

From pristine beaches to charming port towns, Lake Erie’s north shore is dotted with treasures just waiting to be connected on your next adventure.

Ten thousand acres of tranquility — that’s what you’ll uncover during a visiting to Pelee Island.

Originally named Ile de Fleurs, Middle Bass Island offers seclusion and serenity at its finest.

Whether you're a foodie, antiquer, nature lover, or adventure seeker, discover dozens of activities for all ages to enjoy as you punch your ticket to paradise.

Those who desire a happy medium between the seclusion of Middle Bass and energy of Put-in-Bay will appreciate the laid-back lifestyle of Ohio’s largest island.

Whether you prefer to explore by land, sea or sky, get the scoop on some of the region's most exciting ways to engage with our Great Lake.