7 Places Near Lake Erie for Ziplining, Canopy Tours, Ropes Courses and More

Let your spirits sour with our guide to a ton of Lake Erie adventures in Ohio, New York and Ontario.

Lost Lake Erie: Forgotten Local Legends

Meet Titanic survivor Anna Sophia Lundi, Frenchy the Pirate and Hicks Ice Cream owner John Hicks.

Who Was Roger Tory Peterson?

Learn more about the author of "A Field Guide to the Birds," a book that changed birding forever.

Lost Lake Erie: The Great Expositions

The area around the Great Lakes was prized for its industry and innovation in the late 1800s and early 1900s — and it was common for those cities to show off their accomplishments with large-scale world’s fairs.


Lost Lake Erie: Steamships and Shipwrecks

From triumph to tragedy, get a closer look at some of Lake Erie's most fascinating vessels.


Lost Lake Erie: Lighthouses and Their Keepers

Given their isolation, lighthouses are a natural setting for any variety of ghost stories. But are they just tall tales? Or is there something beyond the earthly veil?


Ways to Spend a Weekend at the Lake Erie Islands

Plan your trip to Put-in-Bay, Middle Bass Island and Kelleys Island with our guide to the perfect blend of history, natural wonders, relaxation and culinary delights.

Cultivating Catawba Island: Twin Oast Brewing and Gideon Owen Wine Co.

Discover how the Smith family hopes to preserve the history and charm of this Ohio island while offering their own take on wine, beer and dishes to pair with them.

Lost Lake Erie: The Interurban Era

Interurbans, a mode of transportation, rose and just as quickly fell, but not before it had made sweeping changes in a variety of states — including Ohio.


Meet Lost Lake Erie Author Jennifer Boresz Engelking

Find out how this Willowick, Ohio, native discovered her passion for storytelling and showcasing Lake Erie's legends and lores.


Lost Lake Erie: Beach Glass, Bricks and Marbles

As you're beach-combing, be on the lookout for these three pieces of Lake Erie treasure.