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From touring the world’s largest geode to sipping mojitos with your feet in the sand, the Lake Erie islands offer good times all summer long. 

Now in ruins, Bob-Lo Island was extraordinary, especially the Dance Hall, which could hold up to 5,000 people.

A worker assembles the head of an animatronic dinosaur.

Starting Father's Day weekend, park visitor will have the chance to experience the new Dinosaur Takeover.

This part of Ohio promises a good time for any kind of adventurer, including your four-legged friends. 

Some 40 acres of lakefront land will soon be home to a mixed-use development in this Ohio community.

It's great owning a boat, right? That is when you're actually on the water. 
Imagine escaping to the fruit-filled fields of the Niagara Escarpment, spending the afternoon playing mini golf overlooking the water in Lakeside, Ohio, or canoeing at Point Pelee National Park along Canada’s North Shore. There’s a fresh perch sandwich waiting for you in Port Clinton, Ohio, and a bar chair by the sand calling your name in Port Stanley, Ontario. The Lake Erie region just keeps getting better and better. So explore and enjoy. 
May 24, 1969
Bemus Point Vacation Home

Discover the Westrick family’s captivating home away from home on New York's Chautauqua Lake.

The new coaster will transform — and add to — the park's legendary Top Thrill Dragster, which was closed in 2021 following an accident.

Full-blown vacations are wonderful, but sometimes a day is all you need to refresh. These three excursions pack in the fun — and we’ve got options to extend your stay to another day if you’re not ready to go home. 
Ashtabula County has always been known for its covered bridges — and they’re certainly worth exploring — but it’s also a great place to eat, drink, explore and enjoy the water. 

Take a look inside this one-of-a-kind lakefront estate dreamt up by the inventor of the drop ceiling tile.

Reggie spent his life on display in the Winking Lizard before making the big move. 

Discover how this beloved Northeast Ohio tradition is transforming from a once a year event to a year-round organization.

The fish are biting. Here's how to reel them in.
An illustration of a man looking at the solar eclipse.

The big day, April 8, is almost here — and everyone is wondering where the best spot is to get in on the action.  

Take a spooky Lake Erie tour by checking out these ghostly sites.

A look back in time at the launching of one of the most famous ships in history.
A view of the exterior of Kalahari resort

A major overhaul of the resort's outdoor space means more to do, more seating and lots more fun.

The ferries are running, beaches are open and there’s a full line-up of festivals and fun just waiting for you to join in. Here are 25 of the lake’s best events, plus a look at what’s new and other top ways to spend a summer day.
It’s easy — and fun — to flit from beach to winery to restaurant when the weather’s fine. But Lake Erie offers so much more. Why not take a trip into the past to explore our region’s rich history. And don’t worry, there’s still ice cream involved.

Take look at what life was like in Lorain, Ohio, during the early 1900s.

Luna Park in Cleveland

Luna Park, located in the Woodland Hills neighborhood, was often referred to as Cleveland's "fairyland of pleasure."

This iconic Ohio lighthouse may look awful, but it's only temporary as the structure is being used for a new movie set on the shores of Lake Erie.

Put-in-Bay, Lake Erie Islands

From Toledo to Buffalo and everywhere in between, our Great Lake is filled with destinations to learn more about the region's fascinating history.

Marblehead, Ohio

Get a sneak peek at the rich history of this Northwest Ohio wonder as we celebrate its 200th anniversary.

It's time to check out the changes happening to the iconic Lonz Winery.

Step back in time to July 1940 when Eleanor Roosevelt delivered her "The Relationship of the Individual to the Community" speech to one of the largest crowds to ever gather at what is now Hoover Auditorium in Lakeside, Ohio.

Meet Hiram Walker, a Massachusetts native who became a huge part of Windsor's history.

Three people on a paddle board in Lake Erie at sunset

Nothing can stop nature’s nightly show. Here are 10 of our favorite ways to enjoy the splendor from the shores, from drinks in Kelleys Island to yoga in Vermilion. 

Huge crowds turned out in June 1898 as Pawnee Bill's Wild West Show came to Buffalo, New York.

Discover the fascinating history behind the modernization and expansion of a Lake Erie ferry line.

Discover how a retired building contractor is spearheading the effort to restore a beloved Ohio statue.

Blast into the past with a sneak peek at the 150-year history of one of Lake Erie's most beloved waterfront destinations.

These "vampire fish" used to suck the life out of the Great Lakes and, now, are once again on the rise. 

Dive into the past with fascinating stories of brutal battles, mysterious shipwrecks and the role the Great Lakes played in shaping the world we live in today.

Detroit, 1918

This classic coaster has found a new home in New York state.

Waldameer Park in Erie, Pennsylvania
January 14, 1983

As the pandemic destroyed dozens of industries, boaters report a resurgence in those looking to spend time on the water.

The Cuyahoga River famously caught fire 50 years ago. It wasn't the first time. 

Head to the Motor City for some of the most celebrated dining in the country.

25 ways to make the most out of summer on South Bass, Kelleys, Middle Bass and Pelee islands.
The story of the Lorain Lighthouse. 
Lake Erie’s North Shore offers delights for foodies, birders, beach-goers and anyone looking for a new adventure.

Discover more about one of the most venerable vessels of the Great Lakes.

A long-dormant Cleveland club is once again making waves as its members sail the Cuyahoga on their own creations

In 2020, Cedar Point celebrated 150 years of thrills — from its start as a beer garden to a roller coaster mecca. In this throwback story published in Lake Erie Living's 2020 Travel Guide, take a look at the park’s past and its future as it continues to redefine fun for the entire family.