People of Pennsylvania

There’s no better way to get to know a place than by talking with those who love it — and protect it for future generations. Meet Lauren Sovisky, an ambitious entrepreneur who is investing in Erie's future.

Lauren Sovisky’s relationship with the Erie area has changed dramatically over the past five years. After graduating from Gannon University, she got a job at Erie Insurance. She doubled down on her hometown in the fall of 2021 when she bought Relevé Dance with childhood friend Emily Sweet and also launched an online bakery. Here’s more on one of Erie’s rising stars. 

Happy feet: Sovisky began taking lessons at Relevé at the age of 3. When she found out the owner was planning to sell the place to a mechanic, she knew she had to do something. “We went to five different banks, and you could tell from some of the bankers’ faces that they were baffled that we were asking for a $300,000 loan. We bought it about two weeks before the season started. It was a mad rush to get everything going.” 

The sweet life: Sovisky, who bakes mostly for family and friends, has made a few wedding cakes but generally sticks to treats she can share at her office like pies and cookies. “They all follow me on Instagram so they know what might be coming into the office that week.”

814 forever: While Sovisky enjoys bigger cities like Pittsburgh and Cleveland, there’s something about Erie that always pulls her home. “I love being able to visit Asbury Woods and the zoo and being able to go out on the lake on a boat or Jet Ski during the summer. Plus, I’ve gotten really big into the area’s wine scene. Whether you go east or west from Erie, you’re going to find so many different types of wine.” 

Cheers: Sovisky’s favorite pour is Liebestropfchen from Johnson Estate in nearby Westfield, New York. “It translates to ‘little love drops,’ and I mispronounce it every time. It’s a sweet white wine. I always grab it when I’m there.”

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