Jennifer Keirn

Four extreme adventures to read about and four easier outings to try yourself.
Two upcoming festivals will toast these treasures of Lake Erie.
There’s no local produce without local bees, and the ones in our region are under attack.
Meet some beekeepers on the front lines of the battle and learn what you can do to help.

What’s your thing? The thrill of walking on a high wire through treetops or the pleasure of sipping a Chardonnay on a patio overlooking the vineyards? Are you in the mood to explore a pirate ship or discover an outdoor sculpture garden? Should your weekend plans include a covered bridge tour or a ride on a classic wooden boat? Happily, Lake Erie’s shores have something for everyone. So, grab the family or a friend and set out to find your own fun.

Two suburban moms take a road trip to check out a new Toledo hot spot that promises to bring Vegas-style partying to Lake Erie. Can they hang? Do they want to?
Erie Island Coffee Company is winning palates with a Lake Erie-inspired coffee experience that’ll put those out-of-town chains to shame.

Our writer finds that cooking a meal is a very different experience when working with top chefs to prepare heirloom vegetables at a legendary farm in Milan, Ohio.

A look back in time at a North American landmark.

The new National Museum of the Great Lakes in Toledo, Ohio, offers a $12 million look at the history of our great lakes, including shipwrecks, steamboat races and the world’s first five-masted schooner.

The maple sugaring tradition runs deep around Lake Erie. See it in action, and you’ll never reach for the fake stuff again. 

This is the time of year to leave work at five, let the dust bunnies multiply and chase fun. For some, that means thrills like trying a new ropes course, striking a warrior pose on a paddleboard or taking part in a zombie mud run. For others, it’s chilling to Tchaikovsky with a glass of wine, going on a firefly walk or spending an afternoon picking peaches. Whatever your definition of a good time may be, now is the time to have it. Here are 35 trips, outings and events to take you from now until …  well, there’s no reason to even think about that yet.
It's more exciting than ever around our lake, but even after the tall ships sail away there's so much to do. Whether you're looking to indulge or explore, these are the can't-miss places, events and activities around our great lake.
A glimspe back at Port Dover, Ontario — 1929
A look back at one of Lake Erie's most beloved summer resorts and how it began.

While it wasn’t the cottage of her dreams, our writer nonetheless found more fun than she ever could have imagined at her new vacation spot. 

How Kristen Stanford saved a species and earned a reputation for reptiles in the process.