What are the Benefits of Lakefront Living?

Find out why a lot of people are starting to consider permanent homes on Lake Erie.

For some, their home or cottage on Lake Erie is strictly seasonal.

But a lot of people are starting to consider permanent homes on the lakefront.

“More often than not, we’re building for year-round use,” says Jeremy Parish, sales manager for Wayne Homes in Sandusky, Ohio. “But we’re starting to see a big pickup in second homes or vacation homes. We’re also seeing people who had cottages in their families, and they want to tear those down and build something new.”

Parish says he’s built homes between 1,500 and 3,000 square feet on those lots — not enormous, but bigger than the early 1900s cottages they replaced — and big enough to accommodate guests who still want to come up during the summer.

“People want function for everyday life, but there’s enough room to spread out when everyone comes for the Fourth of July,” he says.

The new homes also include some type of outdoor living space, from patios with roofs on them to glass walls that fold into the home’s walls. Outdoor gas lines are also being installed now to accommodate grills, kitchenettes and fire pits that can be used for three seasons. (Locals on the lakefront always talk about how much they enjoy fall, when most tourist activities are still available — just without the tourists.)

“It’s all about being able to spend as much time as possible outdoors,” Parish says.

The change of the seasons can also bring a change in décor, says Clare Opfer of S&H Blinds and Floors in Sandusky. She favors a layered look of a variety of colors and textures, which can give a homeowner options for different looks without a whole remodel.

“The main space is your palette,” she says. “Add in little touches of decor to change the mood of the space.”

Opfer says changing to reflect the seasons can be as simple as switching out outdoor planters and wreaths or other decorations on the front door. Inside, different colored throw pillows can change the mood of the interior space.

“I love to change out things on my mantel,” she says. “Those little finishing touches make it feel more seasonal.”