Meet Karen Volzer, the proud owner of Fairport Harbor Creamery.

Karen Volzer, owner of Fairport Harbor Creamery (, shares why she chose Fairport Harbor for her summer home and booming business.

Home Away From Home
One of Volzer’s favorite ways to spend time on Lake Erie is simply sitting on her back porch, watching the waves, wildlife and boats that breathe life into the waterfront. “We have a beautiful view of the lake. My kids love it,” she says. “It’s nice to have somewhere you can just pack up and go to. You feel like you’re on vacation every weekend.”

Full of Natural Flavor
So what’s Volzer’s favorite flavor of ice cream? With no hesitation — key lime pie. “It’s made with real key lime juice, as well as a house-made graham cracker crumble that’s swirled in,” she says, adding that she never uses any artificial flavoring. “It makes a big difference. One of the most unique things about us is that all of our mix-ins are made in-house. The cookies and cakes are actually baked at the shop using our own recipes.”

Just Beachy
Volzer also loves Fairport Harbor Lakefront Park, which offers paddleboard and kayak rentals, concessions and a fantastic view of the Fairport Harbor West Breakwater Lighthouse. “It’s a beautiful family beach,” she says, adding that, because of the breakwater, it’s a great place for little ones. 

Making People Smile
Having owned several businesses prior to the ice cream shop, Volzer has always been an entrepreneur. When she saw a vacant space downtown, she thought it would be a fun adventure. “Ice cream makes people smile,” she says with a laugh. 

All About the Love
“People in town thank me for investing in that because it’s changed the vibe of Fairport Harbor’s downtown. It’s given the area a social outlet in the evening. It’s a great town. I love Fairport Harbor.”