2023 Best of Lake Erie: Outings & Adventures

Whether you prefer to explore by land, sea or sky, get the scoop on some of the region's most exciting ways to engage with our Great Lake.

Skydiving: Skydive the Falls
A top 10 skydiving destination in the world — alongside destinations like Fiji and New Zealand — Skydive the Falls allows you to cross three cities and two countries in one outing. Not to mention the views of Niagara Falls. “It’s the experience of a lifetime,” says co-founder Jason Berger, who has jumped more than 4,000 times and says, “It never gets old.” Altitude sets his outfit apart. Most operations hover at 10,000 feet or less, while this experience scales up to 14,000 feet, offering a full 60 seconds of dive time. “It’s the best feeling you’ll ever have,” Berger promises. skydivethefalls.com

On-the-Water Overnight: Sol Stay
Looking for a place to drift off to sleep? Check out Sol Stay, a village of houseboats in Sandusky, Ohio. Most of the houseboats accommodate two people with a queen-sized bed, two chairs and a side table — and just enough solar or battery power to charge phones and fans. Bathrooms and showers are a few steps away on dry land. Other perks include a fire pit, shared rooftop hot tub, lawn games and access to paddleboards, kayaks and jet skis. “The goal is to hang out and have a good time at the lake,” says Joe Lisa, one of Sol Stay’s owners. “Our concept encourages people to be outside, to enjoy each other’s company and just unplug and relax.” solstaylodging.com

Rides: South Shore Pedicabs
It all started on the water. “We like to take cruises,” says Kim Gill, who recently launched two pedicabs in downtown Sandusky, Ohio, with her husband, Je. “At every port, we’d see pedicabs. Something just clicked, and we thought it would be great for Sandusky.” With more than 25 downtown bars and restaurants and a large number of outdoor events at Jackson Street Pier, there’s a growing demand for short rides. “I’m surprised by how excited people get when riding in the cabs,” says Kim. “I see a lot of pure child-like joy.” While the Gills haven’t quit their day jobs yet, they love the opportunity to meet people and get some exercise while earning $2 per block. “Even if I don’t make a dollar,” says Tim, “at least I will be in great shape.” southshorepedicabs.com

Cruise with Views: The Sandpiper
Find the perfect concoction of fresh air, beach music and vibrant art on the Sandpiper Mural Cruise. The open-air boat departs Promenade Park in Toledo, Ohio, with views of the city’s skyline and then breezes to the largest mural in the United States. Called The Glass City River Wall Project, this stunning display of 28 painted silos by artist Gabe Gault captures portraits of a Native American elder, mother and child, as well as a field of sunflowers. Blue, yellow and orange reflections dance on the river as the ship’s first mate entertains passengers with local stories. jmcruiselines.com