2023 Best of Lake Erie: Dining Destinations

From dill pickle chips to culinary-fusion barbecue, dive into a variety of delicious dishes throughout the region.

Spuds: The Chip Ship's Dill Pickle Fries
Three workers spend all day peeling and slicing potatoes, which are then sprinkled with a secret seasoning, finished with a drizzle of white sauce (also a secret) and topped with shredded dill pickles. We suggest going big with the $25 family order then heading outside to watch the boats come and go at the Old Cut Boat Livery in Port Rowan, Ontario. thechipship.com

Philly Cheesesteaks Not in Philly: Browns Cheesesteak
The best way to experience a Browns Cheesesteak made with 100% ribeye and authentic amoroso hoagie rolls for the first time in Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio?

“Order a traditional with mushroom, onion and green pepper, and ask for the American cheese because it binds all the ingredients together,” advises owner Michael Brown. “We’ll toast the roll for you, wrap it up, and have at it!”

Customers have told Brown, “We come up for your sandwiches, but it’s more than a sandwich. It’s an experience.”

That said, try bellying up for a Tony’s Tower Challenge. They’ll serve you a cheese steak with one pound of ribeye, a pound of veggies and three cheeses including American, provolone and whiz. “You have 33 minutes to eat it, and so far, no one has been able to conquer the tower.”

Outdoor Dining: Guppy's Restaurant & Tavern
Score your very own private dining room at Guppy’s in Bemus Point, New York, with its nine ski lift gondolas equipped with tables, heaters, lights and speakers. Also, check out the festive patio, partially covered, with umbrellas and bar seating — perfect for sipping the 32-ounce Guppy Bowl cocktail topped with Swedish fish and fruit. guppystavern.com

Rebranded Barbecue: Southern Junction Barbecue
Southern Junction Barbecue in Buffalo is the culinary-fusion creation of Ryan Fernandez. Born in India and raised in Texas, he shares the food of his childhood. That’s Texas barbecue tweaked with Indian style and spicing. Think brisket with coconut-curry sauce and cardamom cornbread. Whatever it’s called, we’re coming hungry. southernjunction716.com