Flannel Dog Farm Offers Lake Erie Farm Stay in Ohio

Alan Block and his wife, Chris Zielski, create a one-of-a-kind experience near Lake Erie, complete with freshly baked bread, near Ashtabula Harbor.

The owners of Flannel Dog Farm

Flannel Dog Farm is close to both wineries and the water, but proprietor Alan Block says most of his guests come to get away from it all. We checked in with him to learn more about the 11-acre farm he runs with his wife.

The Accommodations: The farm offers two unheated tiny homes ($100 a night), tent sites ($50 a night) and even a stay in a covered wagon ($75 a night), all of which can be booked through Hipcamp. There is an outhouse with a composting toilet on the premises, as well as a half bath located in the studio where Zielski does her art. A farm-fresh breakfast, including eggs from the 70 or so chickens, and a bundle of firewood is included.

About That: Zielski runs Copper Leaf Studios, where she crafts artwork from copper and zinc. “Her art is sold all over the world,” Block says. “She’s a hidden gem around here.”

The couple inside the covered wagon they offer to guests


Block’s Side Hustle: In addition to the farm and working part-time for Progressive insurance, Block is a baker. His sourdoughs and bagels can be found via his Instagram page or purchased at Harbor Gardens in downtown Ashtabula.

A Surprise: While the farm was never specifically marketed as such, Block says he sees a fair amount of women who come alone for a night, leaving spouses and children behind, to camp in total solitude. “They tell me it feels very safe to be by yourself and camp,” Block says.

Looking Up: There’s no light pollution around. “On cloudless nights, you can look up and see the Milky Way,” Block says. “The skies are amazing.”

The Mission: “To leave the farmhouse and the land better than I found it,” Block says. That means reintroducing lots of native trees and plants, which creates a welcome habitat for birds and bees. “I see myself as a steward of the land.”

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