The Best of Lake Erie

It feels like you’re stepping into a 1950’s summer when you hit the kitschy, fun-filled strip of pizza joints, arcades and sweets shops in eastern Ohio. And the good times are still rolling all around the lake. Check out the ale trail in Erie, Pennsylvania. Have barbecue on the beach in Conneaut, Ohio. Bike the river in Buffalo. Or try your hand at the latest craze to sweep the lake — indoor shuffleboard clubs.
The Best of the Strip at Geneva-on-the-Lake

Step onto the Strip and you feel it — the buzz of fun about to happen. The thing is, there are distinctly different kinds of excitement that occur on and around this historic stretch. For an 8-year-old girl, it doesn’t get any better than hitting a 1,000-ticket winner at an arcade, followed by an ice cream cone. For a couple celebrating their anniversary, it’s a night away in a room with a lake view, with a nice dinner just down the street. Whatever your age, here’s how to make the most of the mile.

Best Time for Kids — Adventure Zone
You might want to save this place for your last stop on the Strip because, once they’re here, your kids won’t leave. Inside, there’s the arcade and prize counter. Outside, there’s go-carts, bumper boats, a merry-go-round, mini golf, batting cages, a zipline, a climbing wall and even a vertical trampoline that is one of only four in the world. Wearing a harness, you’re hoisted up alongside a trampoline “wall” that you can then bounce off of as you hang in the air. 440-466-3555,

Best Fast Food — Eddie’s Grill
There’s a reason Eddie’s Grill looks like its straight out of the 1950s — it is. Owner Edie Sezon launched the place in the summer of 1950 as a root beer stand and still works the counter today. Grab a seat at the counter outside or head inside, where there will be a juke box at your table. The menu is tasty and simple — foot-long hot dogs, Slovenian sausage, burgers, sloppy Joes and fried fish — and the root beer is still served out of a barrel. 440-466-8720,

Best Mini Golf — Allison’s Mini Golf
This golf course has some serious bragging rights. Established in 1924, it claims to be the oldest continuously operating mini golf course in the United States. It’s also a peaceful — and shady — reprieve from the hustle and heat of the Strip in peak summer, thanks to the huge maples that were only saplings when the course opened. It’s $5.50 for adults to golf, and owners Bill and Georgette Allison haven’t raised the price in years. “We want people to be able to golf more than once while they’re in town,” Georgette says. “We see the same people year after year. We’ve seen infants grow up, get married and have kids.” 440-466-7922,

Best Dining Experience — Crosswinds Grille at The Lakehouse Inn
Even if the food were awful — it’s not! — this place would be worth it. The outdoor dining area sits right on the lake on a terraced stone patio surrounded by flowers — and also the herbs and vegetables chef Nate Fagnilli uses to create his true farm-to-table cuisine. You could keep it as simple as a wood-fired margherita pizza ($14) or go with the dish named just “pork” ($26) that features a grilled loin chop, smashed kohlrabi, wilted kale and scape pesto. 440-466-8668,

Best Water Fun — Wild Water Works
Sure, there’s lots of fresh lemonade and ice cream to cool you off as you stroll through Geneva-on-the-Lake on a hot summer afternoon, but the ultimate refreshment can be found right in the middle of the Strip on these two giant, side-by-side water slides. A $10 pass buys all-day access or you pay $2.75 per ride. 440-466-8650

Best Beer — GOTL Brewing Co.
The Strip has no shortage of places to grab a Bud, but if you’re looking for something more, head to the east end to check out GOTL Brewing Co. and its large outdoor beer garden right on the water. The menu includes burgers, sandwiches, pasta, Lake Erie perch and walleye and certified center-cut angus steak. But you also can’t go wrong ordering a few apps — especially the lobster corn dogs — to share. 440-361-4864,

Best Pizza — Capo’s Pizza
It was a wrong turn that landed the Capo family in Geneva-on-the-Lake. They were headed from their home in Pennsylvania for a day of fun in Conneaut, Ohio, but ended up stumbling upon the Strip. Father Frank Capo’s response has become something of a legend: “We can sell some pizza here.” They’ve been doing exactly that now for 51 years, using the same recipe and still hand-tossing their pizza. 440- 466-6144,

Best Ice Cream —Whip-n-Dip
Whip-n-Dip — just off the Strip across from The Lodge at Geneva-on-the-lake — may look like your classic roadside ice cream stand, but don’t expect your standard soft serve. It’s always offering new flavors, including apple pie, pistachio and cotton candy. True fanatics, however, keep close tabs on the stand for the two times a year when it serves its famous homemade peanut butter ice cream. 440-466-0128

Best Overnight Stay — The Cottages at The Lodge at Geneva-on-the-Lake
Located right on the lake with both indoor and outdoor pools, The Lodge has long been the top hotel in the area. But with the addition this summer of six cottages on the water, it’s now also ideal for longer stays. The new, two-bedroom cottages feature kitchenettes, granite-and-tile baths and living rooms with gas fireplaces and flat-screen TVs. Watch the water from your front porch or chat with your neighbors at the communal fire pits. Rates start at $319 a night in the summer, but dip down to $189 in October, the perfect time of year to take advantage of The Lodge’s wine shuttles to enjoy the many wineries in the area. 866-806-8066,

Best Donuts — Madsen Donuts
The secret to Madsen Donuts’ success? The proprietary recipe it’s been using to make its famous chocolate cream stick donuts since 1938. The cream filling is marshmallow-based and the chocolate topping, like everything else, is fresh and made on site in the 450-square-foot storefront. The glazed donuts, meanwhile, are so pillowy soft they almost melt in your mouth. 440-466-5884,


Best Tour Guide: Chip Duggan
Chip Duggan’s lived in Put-in-Bay, Ohio, all his life. He can’t imagine living anywhere else — and it shows in the tours he gives through Island Transportation. “It’s my family heritage, and I think it’s a really great place to live,” he says. “I take a lot of pride in being from Put-in-Bay, and I like everybody on the island.”
Island Transportation rents bikes and golf carts, but you can get the full Chip Duggan experience by buying a ticket for the tour train, which takes a little less than an hour and covers about 80 percent of the island, including Heineman Winery, Perry’s Cave and other spots of historical significance. 419-285-2016,

Best Jam: Cleveland Jam
Jim Conti didn’t want to waste anything from his winemaking, so he started making jam. “I brought it to a family party and everybody liked it,” Conti says. “I was just thinking of other ways to use grapes.”
And that’s how Cleveland Jam was born. Conti’s original vineyard is in Cleveland’s Clark-Fulton neighborhood, so he looked to nearby Great Lakes Brewing Co. for his next project, making jelly with its beer. He makes a pepper jam with Burning River Pale Ale, and a fig apple jam with Eliot Ness Lager — both available at the brewery.
“Beer jelly’s a little more complicated, just because it’s more ingredients,” Conti says. “It’s a lengthier process, too.”
Conti is branching out, too, having bought a former florist shop with an attached greenhouse in Old Brooklyn. “We’d like to be self-sufficient,” he says. 440-390-1170,

Best Boutique Hotel: Hotel Kilbourne
When Ryan Whaley and his wife Nikki Lloyd opened Volstead, a speakeasy in downtown Sandusky, the reaction was uniformly positive — with one exception. “Everyone kept saying, ‘I wish there was a place to stay downtown,’” Whaley says. “And we said, ‘I think we have an idea for our next project.’”
After a year’s worth of work, the Hotel Kilbourne — named for Hector Kilbourne, the Master Mason who laid out downtown Sandusky in the shape of a Masonic emblem — was born. 
The hotel has nine rooms, but the couple also bought the building next door for potential expansion. In addition, there will be a first-floor bar — and one on the rooftop, which Whaley says will be the crown jewel.
 “You’ll get amazing views of Cedar Point, Sandusky Bay and Kelleys Island,” he says. 844-373-2223,

Best Doughnut: Holey Toledough
As far as Chris Ritter is concerned, a doughnut is a delivery device for toppings. “You can go sweet or savory,” he says. “Salty and sweet works well. Salty sweet and savory work well too.”
Ritter, of Toledo, Ohio, started making doughnuts in 2014, and, today, Holey Toledough delivers them to coffee shops in Toledo and nearby Perrysburg. Ritter is in the midst of a crowdsourcing campaign to get a 1,700-square-foot storefront in Toledo, which he says will be a game-changer.
But for now, he makes doughnuts, from a classic maple bacon doughnut to really interesting concoctions, like a pizza fritter with basil, garlic, pepperoni and sun-dried tomatoes; or a pad Thai doughnut, with curry, lime peanuts and sriracha. “It was an oddball, but a lot of people liked it,” he says. 419-810-7880,

Best Burger: Mamo Burger Bar
Mamo Burger Bar prides itself on its freshly ground beef, dry-aged by the Butcher of Kingsville. But the Canadian burger joint also has turkey burgers, homemade chorizo — and a vegan burger that will fool even the most refined palate.
“I’m a meat eater,” says general manager Manuel Cantara. “It’s the best veggie burger in town.”
The original location opened in Windsor, Ontario, in 2013, and has proved successful enough that a second location opened last year in nearby Tecumseh. “We wanted to clone them, but we quickly discovered people have different tastes,” Cantara says. 519-973-1234 (Windsor), 519-735-3999 (Tecumseh);

Best Candy: Brummer’s Chocolates
Treat yourself to a sweet piece of history at Brummer’s Chocolates. The Brummer family has been making candy for three generations in New Jersey, and their store in Vermilion, Ohio, just celebrated its 26th anniversary. The cases are full of chocolate-covered goodies but go for the best-selling buttercrunch, made in-house by covering toffee in chocolate and rolling it in almonds.
There’s also a sugar-free line as a nod to its namesake. “My husband Bob is a diabetic,” says Sandy Brummer. “He can’t eat most of the candy.” 440-967-2329,

Best Ice Cream: Heavenly Creamery
Variety is the yummy spice of life at Heavenly Creamery in Conneaut, Ohio. Owners Joe and Christine Ericksen had a divine idea to open an ice cream shop in a former church on U.S. Route 20.
At any given time, the shop offers 24 flavors out of the 120 concoctions the Ericksens have perfected. They use all-natural ingredients to make small batches (about six gallons) daily ranging from sweet corn to pineapple upside-down cake. “We make a lot of different ice creams you just can’t get anywhere else,” Joe boasts. They also make fresh baklava and Texas sheet cake to serve with the ice cream, with fresh apple dumplings on Sundays. 440-593-6080,

Best Bath and Body Products: Cottage North Soapworks
 Owner Dori Lynne Shrubb estimates she sells 35 to 40 glycerin-based soaps — everything from soothing Oatmeal, Milk and Honey to exfoliating Lemon Poppyseed — in her Port Dover, Ontario, storefront, along with five custom-scented collections of soap, lotion or body butter, and sodium laurel sulfate-free bubble bath/shower gel.
The newest, Blush, boasts a warm vanilla tone and white-flower notes; the most popular, Lakeside, “has a very clean, watery fragrance.”
Everything bearing the Cottage North label is concocted in a room behind the shop by Shrubb and a soap-maker using high-grade phthalate-free fragrance and essential oils. An award-winning floral designer creates arrangements sold from a small walk-in cooler. “The energy in the store, it’s just so wonderful,” Shrubb says. “It’s a feel-good kind of place.” 519-583-3977,

Best Food Truck: Jimmy G’s
There is no earthly reason that Jim Gippert should be having the success he is running a barbecue restaurant and food truck. “I worked at Wendy’s for a semester in college,” Gippert says. “I have no business doing this.”
Gippert is a pastor at New Hope Vineyard Church in Fremont, Ohio, and took to barbecue as a social activity to bring the congregation together and reach out to potential new members of the flock.
“I built a smoker and stumbled on to a passion,” he says. “I realized something bigger than myself was going on.”
Gippert opened a restaurant in Fremont in 2012. This year, he’s expanded his operation with a food truck, which has traveled as far as Brighton, Michigan. “The restaurant is the hub,” he says. “I envision other spokes, and the truck is the first.”
Gippert makes his own corned beef, pastrami and bacon, and has come up with six barbecue sauces, from a vinegar-based Carolina barbecue sauce to the Memphis sauce, which he says is “like your wife kissing you and then punching you in the mouth.”
It may seem like an odd transition from the pulpit to the smoker, but Gippert doesn’t see it that way. “I started barbecuing to show kindness and build community,” he says. “And the Lord has favored me with success.”
Besides, it’s in the Bible. “When the prodigal son came home, they killed the fatted calf,” he says. “They had brisket.” 567-201-2920,

Best Pie: Bremfield’s
Customers at this cozy cafe, with the exposed brick walls in the lakeside town of Port Colborne, Ontario, rave about the always-changing lunch menu, the date squares, and the smell of fresh flowers you can’t help but stop to sniff — and maybe even take home with you. 
But it’s Bremfield’s pies — with their homemade crust and oozing sweet filling — that has our tastebuds begging us to return for another visit. Choose from multiple choices each day, like apple, fudge, blueberry and pecan. Our only complaint: Choosing just one is really hard. We’ll have dessert before lunch, please. 289-836-9863,

Best Fungi Foray: Long Point Eco-Adventures
Don’t miss your chance to join a naturalist, a mycologist and a chef on a mushroom foray day trip in the Carolinian Forest near St. Williams, Ontario. Organized by Long Point Eco-Adventures, the adventure includes a trip into the woods to hunt mushrooms, a talk on identifying your favorite fungi, and a meal paired with wines from nearby Burning Kiln Winery. The one-day adventure — the idea of which is sure to grow on you — will be held Sept. 24, 2016, and costs $85 per person. 877-743-8687,

Best Porch Perch: Ashley’s Island House
There’s no better place than the front porch at Ashley’s Island House in Put-in-Bay, Ohio, to settle in for people watching, waiting out a storm, or just to sipping a drink before heading out to find a great spot for dinner on this Ohio island.
If you happen to be there on a Sunday afternoon, it’s a great spot to watch the antique car parade go by. The inn, which has 13 rooms and was built in 1865, is just a block from downtown. Along with its welcoming porch, the hardwood floors, lofty windows, paddlewheel fans, and antique furniture and lighting give guests the feeling of a 19th century charm that stays true to its roots. 419-285-2844, 

Best Cheese: Reverie Creamery
 Let’s be honest: There’s hardly any cheese we don’t like. But — holy cow’s milk — the Wanderer cheese from Reverie Creamery, a small batch artisan cheesemaking company and cheese shop in Chautauqua County, in Mayville, New York, is in a league of its own.
Wanderer, made from grass-fed raw milk, is an Alpine-style cheese with a rind washed in Southern Tier Brewing Company’s Porter beer. A typical Alpine cheese has a sweet, nutty and savory flavor. This one stands out because of its unexpected notes of salted caramel, hazelnut and sweet malty aroma. It is excellent on its own, or try microplaning it, and adding it to fresh roasted asparagus. Yes please, pass the cheese. 716-789-5757,

Best Do-it-Yourself Dinner: The Lakehouse Inn & Winery
The Lakehouse Inn & Winery in Geneva, Ohio, kicks hands-on culinary experiences up a notch — or three — with its full-day hog butchering and sausage-making classes. Guests, after learning the art of hog butchering, finish their day with a three-course dinner featuring select cuts from that day’s butchering session. Participants get to take home a selection of their cuts as well. The next butchering class is Nov. 19 and costs $159. 440-466-8668,

Best Place to Bike — on the Water: Buffalo
Yep, that’s right. You can bike on the water. Not near the water. Not alongside the water. On the water. Water Bikes of Buffalo rents easy-to-ride solo and tandem water bikes to tour the Buffalo Harbor and river. Pedal past giant grain elevators, right alongside naval ships, and as far as the lighthouse near Lake Erie. Rentals start at $18. 716-681-4643,

Best Place to Bike — on the Beach : Presque Isle
The Yellow Bike Rental Co. on Presque Isle State Park in Erie, Pennsylvania, has added two new fat-wheeled rental options to its lineup this year. First up are fat-tire bikes, popular because of their ability to ride in places that are usually difficult terrain for bike riders. At Presque Isle you can ride the bikes right on the beach, for instance. The other new available rentals are Aqua Trikes, three-wheeled contraptions that sit about 4 feet above water and can be pedaled around Waterworks Pond. 814-833-7347,

Best Giant Meatball: Villaggio
Ellicottville native Nick Pitillo, who also owns Osteria 166 in downtown Buffalo, opened Villagio, in Ellicottville, New York to immediate acclaim in the fall 2015. One of Villaggio’s unexpected stars is its super-sized meatball, all beef and white bread and simmered in Nani’s Sunday Sauce (Nani is Nick’s mother). Go simple by getting the meatball topped with a dollop ricotta as an appetizer, or dress it up by ordering The Carl, which sandwiches an oversized meatball among Italian sausage, sautéed banana peppers, onions, melted mozzarella and Sunday Sauce. 716-699-2199,

Best Gelato: II Gelato di Carlotta 
Everyone has cones and cups. But a gelato burger? What’s that? Find it at II Gelato di Carlotta at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario. It seals your choice of gelato in an organic, Italian-imported brioche bun, then drizzles the concoction with gianduia — a warm, hazelnut chocolate spread that is much better than ketchup. 
It’s not just the unique burger that makes this place a favorite in a town where ice cream and gelato stores dot every block. The gelato here is made with grape sugar, and its fruits are direct from local farms. You’ll find a dozen or more flavors from which to choose — caramel-mou, apple pie, chocolate and red wine, cookies, ice wine. Can you pick just one? Why try? Stop by every day on your next visit to Niagara-on-the-Lake. 905-468-8999,

Best Dessert to Share: La Bella 
La Bella in Erie, Pennsylvania, is well-known for its great food, but one dessert in particular really gets people talking. It’s called “The Kitchen Sink” and includes everything from ice cream and cookies to bananas and candy. It’s served in (you guessed it!) an actual sink. 814-456-2244,
Best Elvis Menu Item: Cloud 9
You can’t help falling in love with Erie, Pennsylvania’s Cloud 9 Wine Bar’s Fat Elvis, a twist on Elvis’s favorite comfort food. The Cloud 9 version is a grilled PB&J served on sourdough bread with bacon, banana and a hint of honey — so good it’s sure to get you all shook up. Those in the know save it (and share it!) for dessert. Your server will add a scoop of ice cream on the side if you ask nicely. 814-870-9007,

Best Birthday Bash: The Erie Playhouse
One of the oldest and largest community theaters in the nation, the Playhouse will celebrate its 100th season in 2016-2017. Along with another stellar season of mainstage and Youtheatre performances (including “A Streetcar Named Desire,” “Scrooge,” “A Chorus Line” and “James and the Giant Peach”), celebrations will include a huge anniversary gala, a re-enactment of the first plays ever performed at the playhouse, a concert extravaganza and a street fair. 814-454-2852,

Best Boat Parade: Tall Ships Erie
The parade of sails that opens the Tall Ships Erie festival Sept. 8-11 is a dramatic, can’t-miss event. Ten tall ships will parade around the enclosed Presque Isle Bay while thousands cheer from shore. If you’re lucky a few might even shoot off their cannons. Adding to the fun: An appearance by the world’s largest floating duck — it’s more than six stories high, 64 feet wide and 80 feet long and weighs 11 tons. 814-452-2744,
Best Breakwater: Port Stanley Pier
This breakwater closed in 1998 in need of repairs. The municipality responded to the public’s continued call for renewed access to the structure by repairing it, then topping it with a sleek new cap of concrete. The result, which opened last September, is a 12½-foot-wide pedestrian promenade that extends some 1,470 feet into Lake Erie, ending at a picturesque lighthouse. Visitors will find decorative streetlights to illuminate evening strolls and benches for lolling. Stretches of concrete wall give way to glass panels that provide unimpeded water views. “It’s very popular with people with disabilities coming out in wheelchairs and scooters,” says Lloyd Perrin, director of physical services for the municipality of Central Elgin. 877-463-5446,

Best Coffee: Out of the Grey Coffeehousecafe
Why, it’s the one you invent, of course! This coffee house in Fairview, Pennsylvania, gives customers the opportunity to fully customize coffees, then name and share their creation with others. Can’t make it in? You can order a custom creation online too. But you should try to visit — Out of the Grey is full of comfy couches, with a fireplace to curl up in front of and a menu of yummy food, all of which makes it a can’t-miss place if you’re nearby. 888-354-5282,

Best Barbecue: The Breakwall
You will smell it before you see it. And you can’t eat closer to the water than this: The Breakwall in Conneaut, Ohio, literally is just feet from the water’s edge. The menu offers a nod to its location with an obligatory Lake Erie perch sandwich or basket, but remains barbecue-centric, and it is not uncommon to see — or, better yet, smell — a whole pig cooking on the grill for hours just outside the concrete block kitchen’s door. The deck comes to life at night with festive lights and weekend performances by local musicians. Try the loaded pork tots — a bed of fried tater tots or fries smothered in pulled pork, shredded cheddar cheese, jalapenos, black olives and cheese sauce with a side of sour cream — that manager Joe Hawn says has been a recent favorite. Almost everything served is made fresh, including the sweet vinegar-based coleslaw and two sauces on each table, with a hotter one in reserve for the more adventurous palate. Check out the Breakwall’s Facebook page or call 440-599-2264.

Best Hard Cider: Blueberry Hill Estates
Perhaps the biggest (and most unexpected) thrill on Blueberry Hill is the St. Williams, Ontario, winery’s Fighters Cider. The slightly sparkling libation derives its name from the bruise-colored combo of blackberries and blueberries winemaker Nick Vranckx adds to his commercial- and heritage-apple blend. “The blueberry adds some red-fruit flavor at the beginning of the palate,” he says. “And then the blackberry adds some velvetiness to the end.” It is considerably drier than most hard-cider counterparts — Vranckx likens it to a traditional English-style cider such as Strongbow. And the salmon hue is appealing, too. “When you see it poured, it’s just like, ‘Whoa!’” he says. 519-586-8712,

Best Fall Event: Norfolk County Fair & Horse Show
The fair, held from Oct. 4 to 10, celebrates its 175th anniversary this year, and is expected to draw more than 100,000 visitors. Head over to the grandstands to catch a demolition derby, monster truck show or tractor pull. Check out the local fruits, vegetables, floral arrangements, handmade quilts and other crafts. See huge pumpkins, some weighing up to 1,000 pounds. But if you want to experience the fair the VIP way, sign up for the Harvest Dinner & Concert ($125 per person), which includes the very best local growers and restaurants have to offer.
Simcoe, Ontario, 519-426-7280,

Best Dessert to Share: La Bella 
La Bella in Erie, Pennsylvania, is well-known for its great food, but one dessert in particular really gets people talking. It’s called “The Kitchen Sink” and includes everything from ice cream and cookies to bananas and candy. It’s served in (you guessed it!) an actual sink and is enough for at least two dozen people. 814-456-2244,

Best Pound of Perch: Tackle Box 2
Hidden away on the banks of the Sandusky River in Fremont, Ohio, 16 miles by boat from Lake Erie, the Tackle Box 2 knows what it’s good at — fried fish served in a fun, festive atmosphere — and doesn’t pretend to be anything else. Yes, your Bud Light will be served to you in a can. But your pound of fresh perch ($16.95 on Fridays, $18.95 the rest of the week) will be delicious. 419-334-4643,

Best Indoor Fun: The Erie Social Shuffleboard Club & Bar
The Marblehead Peninsula has always been a good time in summer, but now there’s an option for fun when it rains — or even snows. Erie Social offers six regulation-size indoor shuffleboard courts, corn hole, old English-style dart boards and vintage game boards, as well as cozy wooden booths from which to watch the action. The full-service bar keeps it lively with offerings like Bucket Roulette (five beers hand-selected by bartenders for $9) and even Shirley Temples and Buck Rogers for the kids. The adjacent Sandwich Shoppe offers an assortment of creative options like The Catawba (stacked roasted turkey, sliced Fuji apples and crème brie served on walnut cranberry bread, $9.50). The best part? Erie Social will be opening a second location on the west side of Cleveland this fall. Marblehead, Ohio, 419-960-7895,

Best Pig Roast — Mesenburg Creative Catering
Rick Mesenburg does it all — from graduations to golf outings — but he’s perhaps most well-known for his pig roast luaus. Mesenburg, who’s been in the business for 30 years, says the reason he is so successful is his INSERT QUOTE HERE INSERT QUOTE HERE INSERT QUOTE HERE INSERT QUOTE HERE INSERT QUOTE HERE INSERT QUOTE HERE.  INSERT QUOTE HERE INSERT QUOTE HERE. Huron, Ohio, 419-433-2954,

Best Fish — Huron Room
They do things a bit differently at the Huron Room in Detroit. It starts with a promise that all fish is sourced from the Great Lakes Basin. Next, you choose your fish: whitefish, lake smelt, Ohio yellow perch, white perch, catfish or walleye. Finally, you decide whether you’d like your catch battered and fried, grilled or served in a taco. Top off your meal with a grilled banana pudding and peanut butter sandwich served with Guernsey vanilla ice cream and house potato chips. 313-265-3325,